How to make a decision from a social anomaly

When we talk about mental health, we often talk about anxiety, but much less a concrete branch Alarm. It’s very common It could be the man standing in front of you, sitting next to you in a lecture, or someone who was walking the TNT. Heck, it could be you (since you’ve been here)! It’s not just antisocial and sweaty. Symptoms are often hidden because they usually hide from a smile or nervous laughter. Overriding. Cajdda. One. Interaction. C. Others. The following is a very non-exhaustive list of instances that are typically undetected:

A screening to obtain a change before it is next in the queue

To just walk down the sidewalks near people

The feeling of dizziness and/or weakness in the crowd

Circumcision in meeting someone else for the first time

I choking on a spit, coughed, hoping no one would notice

Do not go to the toilet during the lecture, otherwise everyone else will be staring at the same thing as going to lectures late (chokers)

Get past the cars on the sidewalk and just feel these eyes. Cringe

The brain was freezing in the middle of the conversation (for example, awkward silence!), and then a random blackout of something

Mentally rehearsals of your order to stall and confuse your words

It is not possible to do the task (for example, write, eat) if someone else is looking at you

Intensive fear in public toilets. “ Nuff said

You need to ask questions in your mind to ask questions to others, and as long as you don’t get into it. A secret? By asking questions of the open type and allowing other participants to tell a story, while you are attentive to what you are very competent

To escape certain situations in general: major social gatherings

After you psychologically prepare yourself a few hours (sometimes days) in advance for a social event. It may also include the preparation and preparation of hours in advance, as well as the inability to perform other tasks; your mind is already in the event, thinking about what might go wrong. Again and again

I’m letting you in a little secret out there method for this insanity: The expiration time with Instead of isolating myself and using everything. (Even if it’s only half an hour for coffee and chat.) But before all this jazz, you have to take the first step: He’s in there. Let someone know. Write it down. Go to the release. Decorate a pillow or something (not insulting anyone!). If you’re still stuck in denial and germination, this is the bitter truth: it’s not going to be any better. It’s a mental tickhole Is that it? Let us proceed to the next step: Perform an action. Yes, I do action. No matter what happens, to talk to other people, to be active or to find another healthy outlet to release these feelings, just do it. The exercise does work wonders, should not be high intensity, make it As opposed to viewing it as a work or a magic treatment (yes, hitting the gym is also pretty scary, but only if you cook it) Set targets to increase in small increments. For example, start with small, reciprocal and one interaction over time and gradually, gradually, down to large groups. You don’t need to set a time limit, but if it makes it easier, then Diet plays a huge role if it restricts the consumption of caffeine, fatty foods only make things worse, as well as excess sugar Inease. This is the fun TED Talk about this The last step? Patience and persistence. In case the entire cargo is removed from your shoulders, there may be good days. Other days, he’s going back and moving you down there than you’ve ever dated. Don’t be sad. Think of every battle to become more sustainable. The bruises are provisional. But unfortunately, “I had to put myself in place” last time. You can’t get time back. There’s no magic instant cure, just a distraction. As for alcohol or drugs, it can only work temporarily. Don’t go in there. This makes progress more difficult In the end, you are the only person who can take the initiative to challenge your own mind and train it to be able to rave the information differently, because the brain is also muscle! If you have a friend who lets you know about your social concerns, please point out that it is not easy to admit and adopt a trick to let you into this secret (and this applies to other conditions)-please, please to be there to support them. They’ll have your back for life. The whole process, in a prospectus, is long and sometimes exhausting, but it can be overcome if you are ready to make an effort. If not, you can learn to accept it and focus on positive energy in a positive key.

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